About us

We invented the snow sock in Norway.

SnowGecko is a product manufactured and distributed by AutoSock Operations AS, the company behind the patented AutoSock and SnowGecko traction devices.

The Norwegian inventor and tire expert Bård Løtveit developed the first prototype of a textile traction device or "snow sock" in 1996. Shortly after, a team of experts was gathered and the company AutoSock AS was established in Oslo, Norway, in 1998. The team consisted of specialists in the field of textile engineering, yarn production, design as well as snow and friction, such the renown scientist Dr. "Friction" Dag Anders Moldestad, former advisor to the Norwegian Olympic Committee.

Together with German car makers and German TÜV SÜD, the Autosock product was further developed, approved and finally launched in 2000. Since 2006, AutoSock Operations AS, a subsidiary of Autosock AS, is taking care of daily operations. The SnowGecko product line accommodates 7 years of market experience and was launched in 2007.

Today, Snowgecko and AutoSock are the highest certified snow socks available on the market. With our seven SnowGecko sizes, we cover more than 400 tires - 97% of all cars on European roads.