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SnowGecko saves time, weight and costs.

Our products are reusable, durable emergency solutions that are quicker to deploy, cheaper to purchase and damage free to rims and roads.

Save time off the dangerous roadside and avoid the frostbitten and bruised fingers that accompany chain installations. It's the last thing you need during an emergency. SnowGecko is a space saving, long-lasting, machine-washable product. Each package includes two socks, gloves and folds out as kneeling support - so you can save your clothes too.

Certified by leading Standards

  • Logo SnowGecko complies with Swiss snow chain regulations
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Fits in any Trunk and on every Tire

  • Quick and easy installation

    During adverse conditions, every second counts. Spend less time on the shoulder and more time on the road with SnowGecko. Drape over, roll forward and pull up: Three steps and three minutes to install. Usable up to 50kmh (30mph) - the standard for tire chains. Shake it out when your finished and repack, ready for your next adventure.

  • Essential kit

    The amount of copycat products speaks for itself: SnowGecko is practical and works.We brought the original "sock" to market in 1998 and have been in business ever since. Our market-leading products are the only alternatives developed in collaboration with automotive manufactures, textile engineers and leading certification organizations.

  • Heavy duty

    Our highly durable road fabric has ripstop interwoven with complex textile patterns engineered to optimize traction. SnowGecko and AutoSock are the only auto socks backed by more than 20 years of research and development. Contact us before you consider an alternative.

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Quick and easy Mounting in only three Steps

  • SnowGecko installation step 1
  • Mounting step 2 for SnowGecko traction device
  • SnowGecko step 3 of mounting
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Recognised among Media & Experts

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Different Sizes at highest Quality - The Collection